The IndigoCard is a Platinum Mastercard that allows you to increase your credit limit. This credit card offers more features than other credit cards, rather than spreading unnecessary offers and rewards to cardholders. Your Indigo Platinum MasterCard can be accessed through IndigoCard.


Users of the said card can take advantage of numerous services. By accessing your account on the official website, you can take advantage of these services. You can register yourself today if you do not have an account. 

IndigoCard Services

Dashboard for Online Monitoring (requires activation): Cardholders typically interact with the monitoring dashboard online. The platform serves as a central repository for all the personally identifiable information (PII) a cardholder wants to monitor, track, and display their risk scores, and provides access to identity protection tips. As well as letting cardholders respond to identity monitoring alerts, it serves as the platform where they respond to fraud alerts.

Online Bill Payment: The Indigo Platinum Mastercard gives you ease of use when paying your bills. You can manage your bills, view payments, and track your transaction history anywhere, anytime. Payments can be made 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, therefore you can choose the time and date that suits your schedule. 


Multi-Bureau Credit Monitoring: The credit file(s) of cardholders will be monitored for changes that could indicate fraud, such as new inquiries, address changes, and new credit accounts opened in their names. An email notification will be sent once a hard inquiry is made on the cardholders’ credit file so they can take immediate action to minimize the damage. Activating the service requires entering the cardholder’s Social Security number on the dashboard, and passing credit authentication. 

Extended Warranty Coverage: The extended warranty coverage is one of the features of the Indigo Platinum Mastercard. The extended warranty offered with your credit card typically covers eligible purchases for an additional year.