Frequent Queries

Rebuilding the credit with the IndigoCard comes at a nominal cost. You do not have to worry about not being able to access your registered accounts through the official login portal. There are many different types of services available, each of which offers different types of services for users to improve their online experience.


There are many helpful answers in the frequently asked questions for the cardholders, which the official has addressed in detail. If you are interested in earning credit points or restoring your credit limit, you can apply for the IndigoCard, which is a Platinum Mastercard. 

IndigoCard Frequent Queries

Who can apply for an Indigo Mastercard?

The Indigo Mastercard is available to anyone who wishes to establish or rebuild their credit. In order to be pre-qualified or approved, you must:

  • Applicants must be 18 years old or older (19 in AL), have a valid social security number, a physical address in the US, and have an IP address in the US.
  • It is important that you did not have an Indigo Mastercard account that was delinquent.
  • You must also satisfy additional credit qualifications, including a review of your income, your debts, and proof of identity.

What if I do not have the credit or my credit is limited?

Indigo Mastercard is perfect for those with less than perfect credit!

Is it certain that I will be approved?

There is no guarantee regardless of the credit criteria that you will be approved as they are aimed at helping credit-challenged people. If you qualify for the Indigo Mastercard, we closely review your prequalification request and application.

Is it possible to get a cash advance using my Indigo Mastercard?

Cash advances are available at many financial institutions using your Indigo Mastercard subject to credit approval. For more information on cash advances, please read your Cardholder Agreement (included with your new card upon approval). Upon approval, you may call and request a personal identification number (PIN) to be mailed to you. This allows you to access cash at many ATMs securely.

How soon will I receive my card?

After approval, your new card should arrive within 14 business days.