Credit Limit

IndigoCard Login credit limits are only $300 and might be less due to the official charges that are exposed less. For an official account with an annual fee of $59, your credit limit might be $241 since the cardholder estimates installation and maintenance costs. Similarly, for an account with an annual fee of $99, the credit limit would be $201 only.


With such a low credit limit, it’s easy to run up a high credit utilization, which can hurt your credit even as you’re trying to improve it. There’s no point in paying a high annual fee for a credit limit that’s floor-low. When you have poor credit, you might be better off with a secured credit card, since the credit limit is generally as high as the deposit you make.

Any cardholder can use the IndigoCard for online credit card access and offline transactions, regardless of whether their credit standing was previously adequate or low. There may be better options available on the platform to satisfy the cardholders’ needs, but they may not be enough to justify an exact demand for that single card.


The amount you are authorized to use from your available credit is the difference between your credit limit and your current balance. Due to the need to verify funds, your account’s available credit may not reflect a payment for up to 14 days. In some cases, your minimum monthly payment amount won’t be reduced. 

As an example, if a purchase transaction was partially credited, the monthly minimum payment will not be reduced. Because of this, the monthly payment amount for the purchase transaction will be included in the calculation of your monthly minimum payment until the purchase transaction balance is zero. You can find more information on how your monthly minimum payment is calculated in your Account Agreement.